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Welcome to the Daily Booster family.

Daily Booster is a network of Christians located in Ontario (Canada) with members from all over the world who share one thing in common: we believe in God and follow Jesus as our role model in our everyday life with the Holy Bible for guidance.

This world we live in today has so many aspects that make it increasingly more challenging for a believer to remain focused on God. It is important that we encourage each other to remain on track with our faith. That is why the Daily Booster’s Family was created, to provide daily encouragement to boost your faith, elevate your soul and help you go through your daily life full of positive energy.

The Daily Booster Family is a 100% free network of Christians. We do not sell advertisements; we do not require paid subscriptions. We ask you for your email address only to keep in touch with you and keep you motivated every day. You can decide to unsubscribe whenever you no longer want to be part of our mailing list.

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